Bode Automation Interface  3.21.1475.1000
Developer Documentation
Bode Automation Interface


Welcome to the Bode Automation Interface. This version replaces the Bode Automation Interface 2.43 or lower.
The changelog can be found here: Changelog


This version is not compatible with the old BodeAnalyzer Automation Interface v.2.43 or lower.
If you need to re-use your existing code please contact the OMICRON Lab support team:

Advantages of the new Automation Interface

  • Simple device setup with pre-defined measurement modes
  • More guidance in configuring the measurements (only the settings that are relevant are available to you)
  • Supports connecting more than one Bode 100 device to one PC
  • Events help you to program real-time applications
  • Faster measurements, especially for single frequency measurements
  • Fully compatible with 32 bit and 64 bit Windows systems

System Requirements

Characteristic Requirement
Recommended configuration: Intel Core-i Dual-Core (similar) or higher,
Interface: USB 2.0 or newer.
Supported operating systems: Windows® 7 SP1 32/64 bit or newer.
Software: .NET Framework >= 4.7.1

Note: These requirements are valid for one Bode 100 device in use. If you want to measure with more than one device in parallel the requirements are significantly higher. To connect to the device the device drivers have to be installed. The easiest way to install the drivers is to run the BAS or Bode Automation Interface Setup.

Where to start?

For more information on the function and circuitry of the individual measuring modes follow the link Measurement Modes.
For reading more about the result structure visit the link Measurement Results.
If you are more interested in the Calibration follow the link Calibration.

Furthermore, we recommend you to start reading our Quick Start Page.